July 2, 2021

StaffIO: Staff Monitoring App Case Study


We designed & developed the front part of the web application.

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Monitor and Time Track Staff Activities

It is naturally skeptical for managers to keep track of the check-in and check-out times of their employees in routine. However, it is indeed time-consuming and can be annoying to keep out an eye on the employees while working remotely. Adding to the pressure is the mess with paperwork in managing the time sheets regularly, tallying employee work hours accurately, and transferring each record to a payroll system. As hectic as it seems, time tracking the activities of each employee is crucial to evaluate employee performance and take necessary actions to boost up productivity.


So the innovative idea of Staffio was brought in as the perfect solution by Mr.Stan Muthulingam. It was developed as a location-based time management mobile platform that gathers staff attendance information with a manual touch-free approach. However, they were in need of managing these staff through a main administrative hub.


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StaffIO: Automated Remote Workforce Monitoring Solution

We at HUEX empowered Staffio by developing a web app that enabled a hassle-free mechanism to monitor the employees using the Staffio mobile application. It enables clock-in monitoring for a distributed remote workforce based on geofencing features.

This web app is furnished with a simple interface to ensure a pleasant user experience while managing mass staff data. The user can generate reports for a given time period via the application. We have also integrated automated features that export required data from the application to the payroll system for necessary calculations.

The significant features integrated into the application frees up time for managers to easily monitor and harvest productivity by focusing on other business tasks. It is easy to set up and scalable to accommodate the time-tracking needs of various organizations.


Intriguing features that stand
out in StaffIO


Track and monitor staff with geofencing features

Flexible management of multiple geofences customized for your offices, factories, warehouses etc.


Create geofences.


Edit geofences.


Delete geofences.

StaffIO Canada Staff Monitoring Geofence attendance
StaffIO Canada Staff Monitoring staff list


Invite, onboard & manage staff efficiently

A lucid process to Invite, onboard & manage staff in addition to generation of attendance summary reports.


Invite staffs.


Export reports.


Edit & delete staff details.


Quick and easy onboarding process

Any organization can simply shift to hassle-free, contactless and touchfree time attendance solution that saves time and money.


OTP Verification.

Easy login

Login via SMS, No username & password


Fit on any device.

StaffIO Canada Staff Monitoring Signin and OTP verification


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build the StaffIO


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