June 3, 2019

SenzAgro: Smart Irrigation UX Design Case Study

We’ve created a unique visual system and strategy across the wide existing spectrum of visible mobile applications and found yourself in a wide, straggling with wainscots.


Rebuild a unified visual system for the IoT based agro-analytics platform.

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    Agile, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

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Open Project


SenzAgro – On a mission to conquer the future with Smart Agriculture

SenzAgro is a visionary organization on a mission to bring in Climate – Smart Agricultural practices with SenzAgro Technologies and had imprinted their identity as the first Agri-tech company launched in the agricultural lands of Sri Lanka. They offer consistent farm sensing, crop-specific analytics & apps for smart decision-making including the automation of irrigation. Their company has been expanding progressively, connecting dots all over the country through their SenzAgro sensor network. Their team is flexed up to take the challenge and feed the world with the assistance of technology.

These pioneers soon launched their website to resonate with their services across digital platforms. They were keen and dedicated to making the world a better place with smart technology. They are committed to helping farmers maximize their yield, reduce water, fertilization, and energy costs with technology.


Our apps extremely responsive,
can fit on any device.


SenzAgro revamp- Designs that speak in volumes

SenzAgro and their Agri-tech team were making history with each milestone they made. As they pulled in mind-blowing changes it was time to give their dashboards a new look. HUEX STUDIO, being ultra-specialized in human-centered design solutions was their first choice.

Our prime focus was to enrich user experiences with simple but significant user-friendly interfaces. We carried out extensive research and survey on potential users and blended in colors and distinctive features to suit their needs. Rebranding the dashboards, we ensured that every user had the most blissful interactive experiences as they surfed around the application. We optimized experiences reviewing contents with reference to Google Analytics and Heatmaps, thus ensuring that the new look was transformational and impactful. We also centered our attention in regard to site conversion and responsiveness.

We fused in rapturous features to enhance quality and credibility. In addition, our team also developed a style guide to reinforce the consistency of the application during product extensions. Our ultimate goal gives SenzAgro a unique and iconic identity embraced by all its customers.


Aesthetic features that brand
SenzAgros's Identity


Detail oriented map navigation

A handful of incredible features that help faster and easier navigation to your farms with optimized map functionalities.


Switch map view & list view.


Overall status of farms.


Incredibly quick navigation.

SenzMate SenzAgro Agriculture IOT Farms List
SenzMate SenzAgro Agriculture IOT Quicksensor View of Plots


Quicksensor scans of plots

Get instant status updates on your agricultural plots with smart technology and briskly manage your plot sensors.


Overall status of plots.


Manage plot data.


Real-time updates.


Quick and Easy automation of farms

Swiftly manage your farms and monitor them through smart automotive features enhanced with interactive interfaces.


Farmer friendly interface.


Manage scheduling.


Manage users.

SenzMate SenzAgro Agriculture IOT Irrigation Schedule
SenzMate SenzAgro Agriculture IOT Irrigation History


Generate insightful reports

Save time with automated generation of reports including critically analyzed data for intuitive decision making.


Automatic report generation.


Informative reports.


Centralized tracking.


Smart data Visualization and analysis

Infographic visuals on various metrics with comprehensive details that empower lucid analysis and rational decision making.


Graphical representation.


Compare and conclude.


Generate powerful insights.

SenzMate SenzAgro Agriculture IOT Sensor Reading System Report


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build the Inomas


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